March 12, 2012

Before and After

Amazing, right.  I'm so pleased.

What it looks like when I'm sewing.  Putting those piano bench hinges in was a beast and I probably still don't have it perfect, but it's good enough.

One half of my fabric stash.  I got rid of 100 plus yards of fabric at a fabric free for all 2 weeks ago.  It was very lightening.  I loved it.

I screwed my thread thing into the back of the cupboard, drilled a hole for my cord, stuck up hooks for my scissors.

I used fancy shmancy wraping paper for the back of the shelf part.  Little silver birds among ferns. Ahhh.

A vintage file cabinet I got on etsy to hold my self-made patterns.  Plus little rotating quotes to help me work smart and hard.

Notice the hardware.  When I put the door pulls on, that's when Paul decided he really liked it.  I'm so glad I found them.  
The burlap boxes were actually boxes that Paul got containing medical supplies he had to bring to the Philippines, more on that later.  And the boxes were EXACTLY the sizes I needed.  The crafting gods smiled on me.  I contact papered the inside.  Sewed clear plastic to the burlap, then modge podged the burlap to the box faces, then hot glued the edges to the bottom and inside.  It took quite some time, but they cost me a total of $20 for all of them.  Yes.  Worth it.

Just in time too.  Next up, modestifty two wedding dresses.


S.A.R. said...

Dang, girl. I am FLOORED. That is such a dreamy sewing cabinet! I feel so inspired. I am going to try and do this someday (and most definitely pick your brain about it).

stacey said...

you are amazing!!! it looks fabulous and so organized!!! you go girl!!

Emily P said...

You are really impressive. I thought my spray pained picture frames were handy but no, they are not. I wish we were in the same RS and you could teach a class on this stuff

nickel... said...

That, my dear, is UBER impressive!!!
I really like how even the decorative touches are actually useful and part of what you work with! :)


Heather Thomas said...

Beautiful!!! And, of course, Functional... perfect:)

Heidi Sitake said...

I love how organized it is. cleanliness and organization make my soul happy. a job well done! that looked like a huge job. and i'm also happy that my picture made it on the new cabinet. so awesome!